November 19th 2006 Lunch

November 19th 06 lunch
November 19, 2006 Spokane Lunch

The location of the Spokane lunches has been changed to
The "Ripples On The River" Resturant
at the "Red Lion At The Park".
The food here is much better than the previous resturant
The dining room has a great view of the Spokane River
and their is outside seating we are looking foreward to
when the weather gets warmer this summer!

-In Attendance-

Dee Shipman Jones ('72), Steve Jones (spouse)
Jackie Crose Zwanzig ('61 WB), Don Zwanzig (spouse)
Judy Campbell ('64), Larry Mattingly ('60)
Dan Haggard ('57), Marj Qualheim Haggard ('60)
Gary Behaymer ('64), Marsha Lawell Hathcox ('60)
Kaye Ivers ('60), Gay Edwards ('64)
Vera Edwards (Richland Teacher) and Marshall (friend)
Derrith Persons Dean ('60 WB), Rick Valentine ('68)
Denny Mc Daniel ('60), Kathy McDaniel (spouse)
Gloria Falls Evans ('58), Jim Evans (spouse)
Ralph Bean ('59), Barbara Bean (spouse)
Ray Stein ('64), Jim House ('63)
Judy Willox ('61), Nick Nelson ('56)
Richard 'Dick' Coates ('52), Kay Mitchell Coates ('52)
Gary Persons ('57), Jan Bollinger Persons ('60)

November 19th 06 lunch Birthdays
Celebrating November and December Birthdays were

-Left To Right-
Denny McDaniel ('60), Judy Willox ('61)
Jim House ('64), Marsha Lawell Hathcox ('60)
Ray Stein ('63), Dee Shipman Jones ('72)
Dan Haggard ('57), Nick Nelson ('56)