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Merry Christmas Everyone!
I wanted to let you know that the 90 minute reunion DVD of our 50th reunion is still available,
for those of you who would like to order one.
Richard Raines, the videographer did a great job and I highly recommend the DVD.

Along with personal interviews, Richard was able to capture all the excitement of the evening.
To enhance the DVD, he also added music from our era throughout the DVD.

The total price of the DVD, including shipping, is $33.95.
Now that the DVD is finished, it only takes 3-5 days for delivery.
To order a DVD, call Raines Video at 1-503-274-9635 and charge it to your visa or mastercard.
You may also send them a check:
Raines Video Productions, 818 SW 3rd Ave #258, Portland, Oregon, 97204.
This DVD is a wonderful keepsake for those of us that were there.
I also believe this DVD would be very special for those of you that were unable to attend the 50th!

Raines Video also offers a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your DVD.

Thank you,
Jeri Sandberg,

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50 year group reunion photo

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Mae West Quote Never Regret Quote

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Class Of 1968 50 Year Class Reunion Committee:

Jeri (Collins) Sandberg

"Senior" Advisors:
Pam Hutchinson
Larry Reid

Larry Reid

Reunion Book:
Pam Hutchinson/Data Entry
Randy Fullmer/Cover
Rick Valentine/Memorial Pages

Name Tags:
Sharon (Russel) Boness

Dwight Carey
Gary Splattstoesser

Lois (Morton) Petty - Table
Peggy (Stewart) Painter - Wall
Sharon (Lucas) Simmelink - Reunion Photos

B Reactor Tour:
Sharon (Russell) Boness

Door Prises:
Linda Hammer

Meet and Greet:
Leslie (Lynch) Kelly

Larry Reid

Hike Cordinators:
Pam and Scott Woodward

Melinda Brown

'68 Class Web-Site Updates:
Rick Valentine
Web-Site address:

Facebook Page:
Lee Bush

John Sisk

Address Comformation:
Linda Hammer
Larry Reid
Lois (Morton) Petty
Jeri (Collins) Sandberg
Lee Bush
Pam Hutchinson
Rick Valentine
Sharon (Lucas) Simmelink
Sherri (Smithwick) Pickard

Shirt Design:
Randy Fullmer

Memorial Table:
Lee Bush
Andy (Bayless) Hamaker

Lee Bush
Jeri (Collins) Sandberg
Pam Hutchinson
Mina Jo (Gerry) Payson
Larry Reid
Bob Stallings
Dave Downing

Silent Auction:
Glenda (Hartley) Ackerman
Karen (Harding) Byers

Vicki Raymond
Marcia (Donahue) Topping
Sami (Brammer) Crawford

Supporting Cast:
Doug Fahrenbacker
Nancy (Tubbs) McKever
Bob Petty
Joe Hunter
Ted Aichele
Linda (Carlson) Karlsson
Karen (Pierce) Cowan

The Success of the 50th reunion is due to the collaboration of tallents and effort by
the entire committee. My heartfelt thanks to all!
~ Jeri Sandberg ~

Photo Credits: John Fellman, Karen (Pierce) Cowan, Karen Daugherty, Larry Reid, Lee Bush, Lois (Morton) Petty,
Lynn-Marie (Hatcher) Peashka, Phillip Stover, Sami (Brammer) Crawford, Scott Woodward, Sharon (Lucas) Simmelink,
Sharon (Russel) Boness, Sherri (Smithwick) Pickard, Susan (Reninger) Webber, Classic Photography.

Many Thanks to all of you that took pictures and have posted them...
~Rick Valentine~

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Twisting the Night Away


A tribute to Richland. By the Class of 1972.                        Twisting the night away, 50th Class Reunion.

These are direct links to YouTube, buffering on YouTube can be slow!

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The Class of '68 "Bomber R".

When the School District decided to remove the "Bomber R"
donated by the "Class of 68" from the hillside in the football stadium.
The class of '68 rallied and got them to replace it.

Old Bomber R Old Bomber R

New Bomber R New Bomber R New Bomber R

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Our Scholarship Winners.

As A Reunion Project, Lee Bush suggested giving a deserving Student a Scholarship.
Our class decided to give a 2 year all inclusive Scholarship to CBC.
We raised enough money to award 2 students scholarships.

Pictured below with Lee Bush, Jerri Sandberg and Larry Reid are the Scholarship Winners,
Isabella Funk "Our Film Star" and Ben Dezember "Our Fire Guy". (Left Photo)
The Auction raised enough money for a third Scholarship,
it was awarded to Chandler McGowan "Our Space Cadet". (Right Photo)

Scholarship Receipiants Scholarship Receipiants

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Hike on Johnson Butte    Saturday Morning Golf

Hike on Johnson Butte Saturday Morning Golf

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Photo collage
Photo collage
Photo collage
Photo collage
Photo collage
Photo collage
Photo collage
Photo collage
Photo collage
Photo collage
Photo collage coming soon
Photo collage

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A Tribute to our 'Fallen Friends'


Sunday Morning Memorial Service 50th Reunion.                 Amazing Grace, Memorial Service 50th Reunion.

These are direct links to YouTube, buffering on YouTube can be slow!

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Let Us Remember
Those Who Have Gone Before Us.

Deceased Photo Table

In Memorium Page 1 In Memorium Page 2

In Memorium Page 3 In Memorium Page 4

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